Honor Board – Women Champions (Singles & Pairs)

2019   C Hunt   R Moore/ K James   I Trovato
2018   K Cartledge   M Kavas/ C Hunt
2017   C Hunt   S Myers/ K Cartledge
2016   L Birch   T Markovic/ L Birch
2015   N Brown   A Wassell/ L Birch
2014   M Kavas   Z Kavas/ M Kavas
2013   N Brown   Z Kavas/ M Kavas
2012   L Birch   A Parker/ S McInnes
2011   M Kavas   C Bill/ N Brown
2010   N Brown   S McInnes/ M Kavas
  “We apologise if we have not included details of your wins.”
Our Ladies members have a long history at our club but that information is not complete at this time. We do not want to list the wrong information so we will update this page as the information becomes available.
If you have further information please please email cryledge@westnet.com.au